Monday, March 19, 2012

Should I get a career?

As my 30th Birthday approaches, I am starting to wonder what I should be doing with life. Don’t get me wrong, I love my life and am way more happy then I ever thought was possible. The only thing possibly missing is a career. I don’t necessarily want one right now but in the future I’d like to have one that I enjoy and am good at. For now my less than part time job suits me and my family perfectly fine.
Every day there is a new career I think about having. Nursing is one of them, then I think of the disgusting things that come along with it and the fact that people’s lives would rely on me. I often think about being an ultrasound tech but then I realize that has downfalls too, like doing an ultrasound of someone’s testicles. Teaching is another option I thought I would love until I realized my only love was having the summers off. Then I think maybe something in social work, since I did go to school for that. Then I see the Chicago ghetto neighborhoods and realize I don’t stand a chance. Also, most things require going back to school. The list goes on about my day to day career prospects. I’ve decided to put together a list of my previous jobs, besides babysitting, to see if that will help lead me in the right direction. I tried listing them in order but lost track.
1. Shady Lawn (grill/cart girl/dishwasher)
2. Princess Café (busser)
3. Subway (professional sandwich artist)
4. Village Woods (wait staff)
5. College Dorm (housekeeping)
6. Kmart (layaway attendant)
7. Pizza Hut (phone and counter service)
8. County Line Towing (personal assistant/dispatcher)
9. Ihop (server)
10. Briar Nursing (server and activity aide)
11. YWCA (before and after school and camp teacher)
12. Parklawn Home (residential facilitator)
13. Will County Clerk (clerk/scanner)
14. Mooseheart (family teacher)
15. Tiny Tots (daycare teacher)
16. Thrivent Financial (assistant receptionist)
17. Bill Kay Ford (internet sales/telemarketing)
18. Ridgeland Animal Hospital (receptionist)
19. Bakers Square (hostess)
20. Jewel (deli girl)
21. Ingalls (registration/customer service)
22. Playskool (teacher)
As you notice these are a lot of jobs and I’m probably missing a few. None of them were amazing and I only use three on my resume. What is amazing are the amount of great and horrible people I’ve met and the skills I’ve acquired throughout the years. I’ve also learned never to judge someone by their job title. I am not unintelligent because I work at a front desk or cleaned dorms and you are ignorant if you think so. I chose to work as little as possible because thankfully that works for now and is what makes me happy. Isn’t happiness the key to life anyway? Maybe in time I will have a 9 to 5 suit job that pays the big bucks but I highly doubt it. The corporate world doesn’t even sound appealing to me anymore but congrats if that makes you happy. I can see my daughter will be a CEO in no time.

Actually, after writing this I decided I want to travel and eat for living, maybe the Travel Channel is hiring.
If you have any career ideas for me, please let me know.

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