Sunday, March 11, 2012

Products of the week

These are my three favorite products this week.

1. Aveeno tinted moisterizer

aveeno moisturizer

My sister told me about this lotion and I absolutely love it. I feel pretty when I wear it. It's lighter then foundation but seems more like make-up than moisterizer. It has spf, which is an extra bonus. I have really bad skin in the winter but I'm not a make up person at all. I don't want to be one of theose people who has to wear makeup all the time or people won't reconize me or think I'm a freak without it. I'd rather look like a freak naturally. Try it if you need to even up your skin a little.

2. Disolvable B12 vitamins from Target

I think I'm addicted to B12. I feel way better since I've started taking them. It's probably all in my head. I've tried many brands but I like the taste of these. They are disosvable and easy to swollow if you try them that way. Most vitamins make me feel dizzy and like I'm going to vomit, however, these do not.

3 SoBe Life Water Pacific Coconut
sobe coconut water

For the record, I love most of the SoBe lifewaters. This one is sweet, refreshing and reminds me of summer. It's only 10% cocnut water it's really coconut flavored water. I couldn't drink it one sitting because it's too sweet but still good.

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