Saturday, March 24, 2012

Project: Fix the gross chairs

I have the ugliest dining room set ever. Not only is it ugly, it looks filthy, disgusting, completely outdated and partially broken but I am still thankful for it. We got the set from the people who owned the house before us. I actually had the nerve to ask during the closing if we could have it (it was the only thing left in the house so I figured they didn’t want it.) They said no. Oh well, no loss considering we really did more drinking then eating at that point of our lives. To my surprise I got am email saying we can have the table (maybe they realized it’s the least they can do knowing that we bought the house at the high end of the market and is now worth half of what we paid but that’s a whole other story.) So they brought the table back, and it’s been here ever since.

As you can see the chairs are awful. I’m sure I could’ve cleaned them better and more often but in my head I thought we were going to be buying a brand new dining room set, soon. Six years later, I’ve finally had it and decided to reupholster. This project didn’t cost me a dime because I used an old table cloth that I had in a bag for Goodwill.

For this project I used:
An old table cloth (or fabric)
Screw driver
Powerful staple gun (if you don’t have one, use hot glue)
Hot glue gun (if you don’t have one, use staple gun)

To take off the seat you will just flip the chair upside down and unscrew. Once the seat is off, set it on the table cloth or whatever fabric you plan on using and cut around it, with about 2-3inches of extra fabric for pull.
Tip 1: If you’re careless, lazy and not good at lining things up, do not use stripes or any pattern that will be obvious if it’s not perfect. Tip 2: Wash and iron the fabric or it will be a wrinkly mess like mine.

I then thought I was going to whiz right into this by stapling away but unfortunately someone in my household bought the wrong staples for the gun, so I used my trusty hot glue gun and glued away. I folded the corners in way that I would with gift wrap. Some turned out better than the others, some had too much fabric (I’m lazy and did no form of measuring what so ever.) Just make sure you are pulling the fabric tightly around the seat so there is no slack.

Screw the screws back in, make sure the chair pads are aligned or they will be crooked, like my first attempt. Repeat with all chairs. You will probably need to vacuum after if there were a lot of crumbs and crud going on during the removal process. You might as well scrub the chairs while the seats are off. I regret not doing that with mine but I didn’t have the time.

So simple and while not the best and most professional jobs, for using an old table cloth, I think it looks a million times better. Can someone please tell me why I didn’t do these six years ago?

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