Sunday, March 11, 2012

Project: Toilet removal

I need to admit that it's my fault I'm in this situation to begin with. I accidently flushed the toilet paper roll holder down the toilet. Don't ask. I wish I could blame it on the kids but no, it was me. Hubby and a friend tried to use a snake to get it out with no success. I called a plumbing service that was apparently a scam; $483 to auger it out and $856 to remove the toilet and the object. No thanks, you’re out of your freaking mind to think I would pay that much. Of course my husband can do this job but he's been working a lot of hours so I decided to give him a break. After talking to a few people and watching a you-tube video, I figured I would attempt to completely remove the toilet. It really wasn't as gross as I imagined. Oddly enough, it was more empowering then anything.
Here is a basic step by step on removing a toilet,
First step is to turn off the water. Easy, there's a knob that's connected to the tank. Get as much water out of the tank and bowl as possible. I used a wet/dry vac and it worked great. Then you remove the water hook up thing that you just turned off. Then take off the tank by removing the bolts.

Notice I have towels on standby. I really thought it was going to be a disaster.

Then pop of the bowl by removing those nuts and bolts, giving a wiggle and putting a little muscle into it.

You now have to reach your hand in to try to find the object. In case you do not have common sense I will tell you: use gloves. I have a small hand and could feel it but it was stuck, which is why I have come this far already. I bent a coat hanger and tried to get out that way. Nothing. By then I was frustrated and had enough energy to man handle the toilet and turn it upside down and try to get it out from the way it came in. This was the biggest struggle of the project but I was determined to get this damn thing out. Finally, here it is.

Now to scrape out this old wax ring and replace it with a new one that cost about $3. Put the ring on the toilet not the hole in the floor.

toilet removal, wax ring

Put everything back on the way you took it off and caulk it. I used a steak knife to get the old caulk out. If happen to do the same, please make sure you throw it away after using or wash it really good if you’re frugal. Good as new for only $3 and a little over an hour of my time. Sure beats the price they quoted me. If I can do it, so can you, or if you can't I will come do it for a reasonable fee.

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