Sunday, July 8, 2012

A quick look before it becomes trash.

My kids enjoy drawing, coloring and pretty much every other art and craft stuff. Kayla especially loves this; in fact she even got office paper and supplies wrapped up for her Christmas present. I usually limit them to drawing and coloring with crayons. They are banned from markers, glue and scissors unless under supervision and I don’t have time to supervise my kids. They sit at the table or anywhere and draw all day. I can’t even remember the last time they played with toys.

Here are a few samples:

Kayla couldn’t figure out how to draw a happy person for the longest, and then one day she just got it and completely changed the whole look of her people.

It’s weird how much they’ve changed in just one day. Both are of her and Ava. I like the sad people. They make me laugh. The others are nice too.

She's actually not bad for being 4.

Ava draws a lot of scenery and mostly just writes letters and menus.

This was an old picture but I kept it for some reason.

Ava’s people look like Edward Scissorhands on wheels. She doesn’t draw them anymore because I always say “I really like their roller skates.” And they are clearly not skates.
I wish I could find a better one.
I just wanted to document a few of their drawings because I usually throw them all away when they’re not looking. Sometimes they find their pictures in the recycle and cry. It makes me feel like the worst mom ever but I don’t like paper clutter.


  1. lol...i do the same - been trying to toss it all once they are asleep - as once i did during the day and sami found this cupcake print in the recycle bin that she colored and apparently named it and every thing - she cried so hard and was soooooo upset. i felt awful :(

  2. Aww...Poor Sami! I always feel awful too.