Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Haloween Party Barbie Brains

I love dressing up and candy; therefore, I am a big fan of Halloween. This year I decided to have a Halloween party for my daughter's Birthday. Here I will show you some simple themed food projects.
The Barbie head seemed to be a big hit. This is one of my original ideas. A really simple project if you happen to have one of these hairstyle/make-up heads lying around. Fortunately, my kids were willing to give her up. If not, you can buy one at big chain store for around $10.
You start by slicing off the top of her head. I used a steak knife and some scissors because that's all I had. It would be easier with a better knife. Make sure all of her hair is off; no one likes hair in their food. Wash it out really thoroughly and she's ready for use.

As you can see, I put her on a tray and filled her dome with guacamole, splashed a little salsa on her face and dumped the rest on the tray. Simple Barbie brains and blood.
If you want, you can save her for next year or use her all year if your family is strange like mine.


I know that you've seen these oranges as jack-o-lanterns used for individual fruit cups around. Mine are not nearly as pretty as others but it was way less time consuming to merely add a few oranges to the fruit tray instead of as individual. I'm lazy and do not have time or energy to be that cute. Oh well, these are simple and kind cute for fruit.


The rest of the Halloween themed snacks were also pretty decent. My mom made some super cute and delicious mice out of Oreo balls and Twizzler tails. I would share the recipe and pictures but I don't have them. Google it. My cauliflower brain was just ok but not as brainy as I wanted it to be. I also made fingers out of string cheese with pumpkin seed nails. They were cool but not worth the effort.


Overall, the party was a success and the snacks and decor were a hit. In the long run, when you’re having a party with good friends and family, it's all about the company and the smile on my children's faces more than anything. So, keep it simple people because nobody really cares or remembers the party decor or food in the long run.

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