Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A big fancy wedding

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I never had a big fancy wedding and I really don’t care, except sometimes. Sometimes I wish I had a beautiful dress with fancy hair and make-up and hundreds of people watching me walk down the aisle. Sometimes I wish I had a dance with my dad or a first dance with my husband. Then the reality hits me that there is way too many details involved with planning a wedding and I was better off with the one week notice Vegas wedding. Here’s how the proposal went down, him: “I miss going to Vegas every Easter weekend. Do you want to go next weekend?” Me: “ok, sure.” Him: “Ok, do you want to just get married then?” Me: “ok, sure.” That’s pretty much it. It turned out fine as far as I can remember. All the stress, planning and finances would probably cause my marriage to fail before it even started. The marriage isn’t about the wedding anyway. I don’t remember ever planning or dreaming about my wedding as a child, teen or an adult. Girly stuff really wasn’t my thing back then. My kids, however, are super girly and are planning thiers already. I better start saving now.
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This is Ava watching a wedding on from the beach in San Diego. It was the cutest thing. I’m sure she is dreaming of being the bride. The bride at this wedding was so nice and gave the girls some flowers later that evening.
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This is her as a flower girl right before she turned 2.
This is her as a flower girl again. I wish both of my girls get to be flower girls together one day. They play wedding all time. Ava likes fancy dresses, fancy cakes and details. She will have a big fancy wedding one day. I hope my princesses both have thier dream wedding. I will help plan it and live through it like it was my own fancy wedding. I can’t wait! I guess I do love a big fancy wedding after all.

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