Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Actual Birthday Day

This is Kayla. You will love her.
birthday tutu

Today is Kayla's actual Birthday, not the birthday party day. The kids seem to get this confused. The party day is obviously more fun but I do want them to enjoy their actual day. I especially want to Kayla to enjoy and want to enjoy it with her. I've been feeling a little guilty lately on how horribly I've parented her. In fact, there have been days where I can't stand her. She cries every day for no reason at all. She doesn’t listen first-time; she’s whiney, irritating and needy. She's three. That's how three year olds act. I guess I was too busy adjusting to life with kids and comparing her with Ava and other older kids that I never really appreciated her. I really wish I would've enjoyed her more at ages two and three. I failed to realize how unique, smart and great she really is until now and fully regret that. I can't take back all the times I scolded her for have tantrums or yelled at her because she was taking too long when all she was doing was trying. What I can do is try to be a better, patient and more accepting parent. By no means am I the worst parent but there were days I could’ve used some improvement. Of course, there are also days like today. Days you wish I was your mom because I'm just that awesome. I wish I could live everyday like it was my birthday (or my kid's birthday).

balloons in bedroom

We started her birthday morning by filling her room with balloons.
She loved it. I recommend you do this for your child or for me. We bought one of those Balloon Time tanks and snuck them in her room before she woke up. It's such a cool idea. My parents claimed they did this for my sister and me one year but I do not remember it. Chances are, Kayla won't remember it either but I will and I will remember that it made her happy.

birthday cake pancakes, sugar syrup

Then we had birthday cake pancakes and sang happy birthday. They were ok. I wish I would've looked up a recipe but instead I used a mixture of extra cupcake batter (from the cupcakes mentioned below) and pancake mix. I made sugar syrup with powdered sugar, milk and sprinkles. I probably should've followed a recipe on that too but it turned out fine.

I woke up early to make these super awesome cupcake ice-cream cones. These were a few before they dumped over.

colored icecream cones cupcake

I've made them before but these were my best. The trick is; do not overfill them. I think the colored cones gave it a good effect too. I used funfetti cake mix and vanilla frosting. Kayla helped me add some sprinkles. They were so cute. The transport to the school didn't go as good as I wanted; half of them were upside down before I left the house. Wrapping them in tin foil is a good way to stabilize them in the cupcake tin if you don't have time to cut holes in a box. Either way, they were hit.

Luckily, it was an unseasonably warm day and we got to spend all day outside. We went to the park, cleaned the yard, rode bikes, scooters and just had some fun. My wonderful husband feels the need to call off work for the kids’ birthdays so really he was the one participating in these activities. The girls would rather have that anyway because it's rare that he's home and actually has free time. This made the day extra special and was the icing on the cake.

We ended the day by going out to dinner. I wanted to go to a nice outdoor patio and grab a big salad and a cold beer. My husband reminded me it wasn't about me. Like it hell it isn't, I'm the one that gave birth so it is about me. Anyway, we let Kayla pick and she chose Chinese food. There isn't too many good sit down places so we went with a Hibachi place. My kids love that and so do I. A big surprise was an aunt and cousin met us there!
Overall, it was a great day.

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