Sunday, March 18, 2012

Maybe I'll lose a few

I do not think I’m fat. I am average; 5 feet 5 inches and 136 pounds (give or take). I want to lose ten pounds. I have wanted to lose ten for as long as I can remember. I’ve come to think I might have a 7-10 pound tumor. The truth is, I don’t diet and exercise regularly and strictly enough to lose it. I do great for a while and feel like I am about to see results, and then there was a party, and at the party there was cake, and dips and booze and carbs and sugar, and then I was back to square one. I tell myself, starting tomorrow I will do great; and I start off great. By the end of the night I realize I’ve deprived myself and I overeat. This is not so great and I'm back to square one, again. This time I want to make it to square two, or three or four. I want to look good in clothes and a bathing suit and naked. No one ever sees me naked but just in case; I want to be ready. I know this won’t happen because I have stretch marks. Some days I care about my fat and stretch marks, other days I don’t give a shit at all and will go out in public in a two piece. I know I don’t look good but neither do half of the other people on the Midwest beaches.
Here is a photo of me on the beach in January. I must've been in an "I don't give a shit" mode. Nobody looks good in January is the excuse I will use. This is my before and motivational picute.

I would be more motivated to lose weight/shape up if it was for health concerns but I feel fine. I used to feel fatigued and tired all the time but since I’ve slightly cleaned up my diet, started taking B vitamins and stopped drugs and alcohol, I’ve been totally fine to the point where I don’t even need caffeine.
The point of this story is; I will be motivated tomorrow. I will let you know my progress and if I have any tips or tricks besides working out and eating better. Actually, here’s a tip: if you have a treadmill or cardio equipment, only play your smartphone games, Facebook or other nonsense while on the treadmill. However, I wrote this while sitting on the couch, watching TV, playing Draw Something and eating chips so please never take advice from me.
We all know what it takes to lose weight and tone up but only a few have the motivation. Maybe I will be part of that few tomorrow.

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