Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Project: Organize Closet

This is a project that just about anyone can and should do; clean out one closet. If that's too much, start with a drawer, a purse, anything really. Doing this can really feel like a big accomplishment. I have been reading many blogs and articles about organizing and simplifying my life in the past few months and must say, it's addicting! I've gotten rid of so much stuff that it seriously amazed me. Of course, I still probably have more stuff then the average American. The one closet that I have not touched yet was my dining room/linen closet. It's a clutter of towels, beauty products, crafts and junk and frustrates me every morning when I'm looking for a comb or brush. After using a doll's brush on my kids and my own hair on a regular basis, I decided; that's it, I’m cleaning out this closet and finding all my brushes and combs. There was no way I was going to buy another one, knowing they all had to be around somewhere.
This is the before picture.
I am fortunate enough to have a shelving unit in my closet already. So I started shelf by shelf. It took forever, I got frustrated and annoyed. I couldn't figure out where to put anything so I threw out everything (besides hair ties and bows). I think I accidently threw out my kids’ school pictures that I was so excited to finally find again. But in the end, It was worth it.
I now know exactly where my combs and brushes are and try to put them in the exact spot after every use.
The best part about this project was that inspired me to get new towels. I don't know how I managed to live 30 years without ever buying towels but I was finally sick of the old thinning hand me downs with rips and holes. I bought the kids one towel each and my husband and me two each and got rid of all the rest. The ones in the picture aren't new by the way.

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