Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mom of 3

My life as a mom of 3 girls has been great! 

(This pic is at the dentist office but it's the most recent of all 3)

When Baby Cierra Rose was first born I was so sick of the "boy" comments but I love having 3 girls and I actually want more (sometimes) Really, I want to adopt a 3 year old Russian boy, I think he'd fit in perfect) I don't know how people have 5 or more kids. I'd die- or at least take a lot of drugs to make me just float through life. Just kidding. Actually, This was a nice age gap. I am truly enjoying the baby and the baby really enjoys life. She smiles at everyone and has really makes people very happy. The girls have been excellent with her. I thought I'd have a huge problem with Kayla hating the baby but she truly loves her. Both are such a help. Ava is an amazing child to begin with. She thinks she's the mom and sometimes we put to much pressure on her. I try not to make them take care of the baby or give them too much responsibility with her just so I can be lazy. Actually, I'm a different parent with this 3rd baby. The stuff we've done with her I wouldn't have dreamed of doing with my first born. Overall, I love being a mom to 3 daughters. I guess I have no choice since they're mine and they're not going anywhere. Sometimes I do get annoyed though and think "who are these kids and why are they calling me mom." Sometimes, They come all the way upstairs, downstairs, in the bathroom to find me and ask me questions and ask for help with the silliest stuff when their dad was sitting right next to them. Sometimes, the baby cries and I don't want to deal with her. Sometimes I try to hide in the bathroom to just for a minute of silence. Then I realize  I don't mind anymore and I tell myself they are only little once and I enjoy life for the moment.  Ps- everything I write has no point. I get sidetracked easily.

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