Sunday, January 19, 2014

New Year = Vegan

New Year new me. I’m not trying to change me cause let face it, I’m awesome, and I don’t need to be changed. Just kidding. One of the things I’m changing is my diet. I’ve never been really over weight, I never look great either. Once, I looked pretty good when I went to the gym regularly. Now days, I’m a bit saggy so I will start my treadmilling and yoga again and maybe a 30 day shred once a month. A few times a year I clean up my diet because I read up or watch a show on food and let’s face it- it’s basically gross. The first changing movie was “Forks over Knives." My dad made me watch it after he had a major heart attack in 2010. but I fell off the bandwagon at a party. This time I’m trying vegan. Last time I tried the vegan lifestyle I was not too successful. I think I tried to make my husband and kids do it too and therefore it ruined me. My husband will never be vegetarian, vegan or anything that doesn’t involve meat and processed. My daughter will not either based on the fact that we were walking in the store and she said “I know what hotdogs are made of.” Me: What? Ava: “Dogs tails” Me: “who told you that?” Her: “no one. I just know, I can tell cause they look like tails and their called hot dogs.” Me: “well then I guess we should never eat them again.” Ava: “No, I don’t care if that’s what they really are, I’m still gonna eat them cause their good.” In her defense, she’s gotten bit by 2 dogs so she really doesn’t care for them. Back to me. This time I am 3 days of doing well. I realized if I slip up and have some animal product, it’s not the end of the world and I continue trying. This vegan diet is more of a lifestyle then an actual diet anyway. It’s also a bit of a process. What makes it harder for me is that I am not an animal lover. I will never own one. I had horses and dogs growing up and loved them but as for now, I am not an animal person. I’m not in it to save the animals but more or less to save myself from what’s in the animals and what’s it’s doing to humans and our health. Do I really want to eat a pig’s butt? No, that’s gross. I don’t want to eat anyones butt. Chickens = straight nasty and the thought of eggs and where they’re from disgust me. Eggs are actually my downfall though for baked goods and I love a good omelette. Cow’s milk makes me sad, I feel bad for them. So, I guess I do care for animals a bit but they really taste so damn good. I am a big veggie and salad eater to begin with and can do without meat for the most part. I find it hard to cook my husband food and not taste it to see if it’s good or done so this is a problem. I am doing ok without cheese but if someone makes lasagna I’ll probably have a piece. Desserts are another downfall. I made vegan banana bread and it was decent. Cookie dough balls made of chick peas were not a hit and it would never be a party favorite like all the reviewers said. I think I’ll try chocolate chip cookies next and lemon drop cookies. I got a book of 100 best vegan baked goods and they all seem delicious. I’ve stocked up my fridge and so far so good. I have a feeling it’s going to be hard at a party or restaurant but I’ll survive and if I have a screw up I can just start again the next meal. Any ideas, tips, suggestions about veganism would be great. Thanks!

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