Sunday, February 9, 2014

How Veganizing is going

So- vegan- about a month and I would say I'm doing great! I cannot say I'm vegan yet. First mess up, Dunkin donuts. I could've sworn they had non dairy cream/milk but no. I can't have coffee without cream so I got it anyway. Next, at a party I had dinner without any animal products but I had a cookie, it was oatmeal but I'm sure it was made with something non vegan. Next mess up, another party, I had a cookie and a brownie. Next, my friend left a cheesecake at my house. I didn't touch it the first day but the second night it was sitting in my fridge and I felt bad for it. I knew no one in my house would eat it and I hate that we waste so much food so I ate it. It was a taramisu cheesecake and it was delightful. I thought right then and there I would eat the whole damn cake. I might as well forget it, give me cheese, give me milk, give me steak, F it, give me the whole cow, actually give me the whole damn farm! Surprisingly, I threw the rest out and have only had one mistake since, trying a bite of the Alfredo I made for my family. My downfall has been sweets, but fortunately someone told me Oreos are vegan. Unfortunately, I shouldn't've eaten the whole bag. I have also been addicted to brownies in a cup. These have been a wondeful go to. I feel like I no longer want to eat meat. I still continue to cook it for my family but have no desire to try it. It's so dead and gross. I'm ok without cheese now too. Once I clean up my diet, it should be even easier. I have an app "is it vegan" that scans food barcodes and let's you if it's vegan or vegetarian. I find it helpful. I I'm trying the best I can and that's all that matters. In the past month I've probably saved a few animals and by doing so I have also felt better. Next up- lose 15 lbs.

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