Thursday, March 20, 2014

3 girls isn't really that bad

Did I mentioned how everyone made us feel bad after we had the 3rd girl? I don't think steve got any "congratulations" all he got was "poor guy" "another girl" "hope you have more than one bathroom" "buy stock in tampons" "I feel bad for you" "wait til the teenage years." Anyway the list goes on, you get the point- people act like 3 girls sucks! 
I've only been in the 3 girl club for 8 months and love it. It's 2014, girls can do everything boys can except they look cuter doing it. 

The only thing I can think of that somewhat sucks is that when the girls had to go to the bathroom when we're out, it always has to be me that takes them and it's always in the middle of dinner. Now they're older so they can go without me and better yet; when the baby is potty trained, the girls can take her. So it really doesn't suck after all. 
It is probably gonna suck teaching them about tampons, pads, periods, sex, etc.. But it's 2014, they can watch a you tube video tutorial on all that, right?!
I don't mind dance, gymnastics, or any other girly stuff as much as I thought I would. Clothes are a problem and shoes are a problem and I'm sure it'll get worse. combing 3 heads of tangled hair is sometimes a problem but I'm sure having a boy and having to cut their could be a problem too. 

The only thing that sucks about not having a boy is that I'll get no mother/son dance, ever. That makes me a little sad cause I always wanted to dance to tupac's dear mama. Instead, I get to watch the bond of my husband and his daughters and realize how lucky he is. And maybe one day I'll watch a father/daughter dance. And maybe one day I'll get a son in law. And maybe one day I'll get a grandkid. I'll know that the grandkid is really mine cause it'll come out of my daughter's vagina. But if your the mom of a boy, you may not know if it's really your grandkid cause if your son's girlfriend is a whore (which my kids won't be) your only chance of knowing for sure is to go on Maurry. Don't know where that came from but having 3 girls is great. And no I don't want a 4th. 

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