Wednesday, April 18, 2012

uneventfully great day

Some days I feel like I am rushing around like an idiot and can’t get anything accomplished. The simplest tasks are the hugest deal and going to the DMV seems damn near impossible. Other days I feel like a real go getter, almost as if I have been given at least 26 hours in a day and have time to accomplish everything. Most of my days are average and uneventful.
I start by waking up between 6:30 and 7:30, tip toe down stairs, hoping I don’t wake my kids up because I am not ready to deal with life yet, check my phone, start laundry, think about showering but don’t. Kids wake up, Kayla cries for no reason; they beg for breakfast within the first 15 minutes, I pour cereal, only to realize we are out of milk. I tell them to eat dry cereal and if their lucky we’ll go to Dunkin Donuts because by this point I’m already tired. Kids go back upstairs to get dressed; Kayla cries because she’s too tired to put clothes on and doesn’t want to wear what I picked out. Her tantrum lasts for what seems like hours and she finally gets dressed in the original outfit all by herself after being bribed with Dunkin Donuts. I grab my winning sip and scratch coupon and to my surprise someone has scratched all of the other answers and I’m pissed. Now we’ll never get our free hash browns and my is day ruined. We go anyway after warning the kids not to touch my stuff. Luckily, they girls are cute and they end up getting free donuts after all. I whine to the lady at the register that I really did know the right answer for the free hash browns and she gives them to me anyway. My coffee tastes like shit and I ‘m annoyed because it tastes different every time I go there. I drop the kids off at school and am ready to enjoy the day.

I think about working out but decide to do it later, clean the house, switch loads of laundry and get annoyed at all of the stains, too lazy to scrub so I throw them out. This gets me thinking about throwing more stuff out, so I head to my closet and want to get rid of everything in there and get a whole new wardrobe. I finally decide to get dressed for the day only to realize the same thing I do every day, nothing fits me except leggings and sweatpants. This reminds me I wanted to work out, so I stay in the same sweatpants and get on the treadmill. I am already thinking about lunch and dinner by this point and head to the store. I get distracted by a phone call; forget my grocery list and I’m pissed. I tell the bagger at the store to please use my reusable bags and fill them as much as possible. Out of spite, he wraps everything in a plastic bag and puts them in the reusable, then puts two items per bag in every bag after that. He talks to me about the economy and how his hours are being cut. I think they’re probably being cut because of improper bagging. I put the groceries away while eating every snack item I just bought, make dinner, think about taking a shower again but get distracted my phone and now the kids are home from school.
We eat lunch, talk about school, clean the house and paint nails. They play outside, I check on them from the window periodically. I find them on top of the air conditioner and in a rose bush. Scratches are up and down both of their legs. They cry and act like they can’t walk. They are fine so we go for a walk, all the way to the high school where we get a work permit. Ava rides her bike (without training wheels) the whole way. She does great. Kayla is walking and gets distracted by everything and whines that she needs to be carried. On the way back Ava takes a major fall and is screaming and crying but we are about a block behind her. A young man sitting on the porch helps her and her bike up, while I scoop up Kayla who is sitting on the ground behind me crying for no reason. The man offers us a ride home and I say no. The whole way home I think about how anyone can kidnap Ava since I am letting her ride ahead of us. I also think about how I wish I would have taken the ride from a stranger. I smile and say hi to everyone we pass in hopes they will offer us a ride too. Nobody does. We eventually make it home.

I put on the TV, finally take a shower and get ready for work and as usual I am rushing around feeling like I am running late.
This is a sample of how my days are uneventfully great and I’m sure yours will be too now that you know a little more about mine.

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