Thursday, April 5, 2012

No Baby

At least once a week, whether it be family, friends or strangers, someone asks “when are you are going to have another?” or “Don’t you want to try for a boy?” NO, I do not want another child. I am perfectly happy with the two I have. Do you know how much baby would screw up my life right now? Do you know how much I could screw up a baby’s life? Raising a child is a huge deal and more of a responsibility then I ever wanted. I don’t know why nobody mentioned this to me before I decided to have kids. Now that I know, I do not want more, ever.

Holding a newborn baby does not make me get that feeling people talk about. It makes me want to go to the gynecologist and get reassured that my birth control is working. I love being able to leave the house with little supplies and no diaper bag and not having to drag the car seat carrier around anywhere. I like not lugging things around. I like knowing why someone is crying. I like people to answer my questions and have a two sided conversations. Babies cannot do any of that, they really can’t do much of anything. Life with a baby is plain hard. That being said, I do not hate babies, I just do not want another one of my own. I do not mind watching someone else’s baby.
My point is a kid is a huge responsibility for your entire life and two is enough for me, thanks for asking. I truly love my kids and wouldn't trade them for anything.

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