Sunday, April 1, 2012

Is Palm Sunday a Holiday?

Palm Sunday was one of my favorite traditions/holidays growing up. We went to church and grabbed as many palms as we could. We went back to my Nonie's and put them in the bathtub filled with water. All of us gathered around the table to eat and make crosses and baskets out of the palms. I don't know why we called them baskets, they look more like a cornucopia or pyramid type thing to me.
palm, sunday, baskets, cross

As an adult, I don't remember doing anything for Palm Sunday. I've only considered myself an adult for the last few years so this is probably why. We haven't had a gathering for this holiday (is it a holiday?)since Nonie died. This year my aunt had the party. Nobody remembered how to "start" the palms but her and I and nobody really wanted to do any except me. Thankfully, we didn't have a whole tub full.
Sadly, Palm Sunday has no religious value to me. I still consider myself a Catholic but… one day I will tell you my feelings on Catholicism.

It was a nice day to eat and weave. I still like Palm Sunday.

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  1. Monica like your post! Keep up the art work. I remember the days when I did many doing many art projects with Dom. I always knew he would become an artist from as early as two years old. It turns out art runs in our veins. My grandmother's brother was an artist, and quite a good one. I did not discover this until a few years back when I went to visited my grandmother. There was this painting in the dining room--a bit dark--but still a beautiful painting. I asked, "who did this?", and my grandmother age 94 said my brother.