Friday, January 18, 2013

my 1st trimester

I am finally admitting that yes I am pregnant! It was somewhat planned. We talked about it for a day. I took out my own IUD, which I would not recommend unless you desperately do not have the money to pay the copay. I regretted it because after thinking about another baby, I realized I didn't want another. See my post No Baby. My girls are so easy to manage now. I wanted the IUD put back in But it was too late I was already pregnant within 2 days. I took at least 8 pregnancy tests at home and work before I even missed a cycle. I still didn't believe and constantly checked to see if my period was starting. At 6 and 8 weeks I did start bleeding. The baby was fine but I had what they called a subchorioic hemotoma (fancy word for a blood clot) in my uterus. Which I believe is from the improper iud removal. I thought for sure I was going to miscarry so continued to be unexcited. I was on slight bed/pelvic rest for a month and the clot resolved on its own. I am now 14 weeks and starting to finally be happy! This is the 2nd trimester so I feel less "at risk".  I am feeling great! Baby is Due in July and we will find out the sex then!! I'll keep you updated :)

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