Friday, June 29, 2012

Cute Jar Bank

I thought I was getting good at spray painting things so I decided to make a bank out of a sauce jar. This is perfect because I also made a chore chart (once again) for my kids and they will be getting one nickel for every “X” on their chart. Here’s how their doing so far.

Looks like no one has picked up their toys...ever.

Back to the bank; I tried to spray paint the outside of the jar but it looked like shit so I scrubbed it all off with a brillo pad and poured acrylic paint on the inside instead. I tipped it, swirled, did whatever it took to cover the jar. It wasn’t complete without a tiny chalkboard on it, so I duct taped a box and sprayed it with the chalkboard paint. I also did the lid with chalkboard spray after I cut a coin slot in it. Then I tied a pretty bow. Looks cute.

Notice, I tried to draw Mickey Mouse ears as a reminder we are saving for Disney.

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