Friday, May 11, 2012

I really don't travel that much

For the record, I am not rich. People think I am because we go on quite a few vacations. People also think I’m lucky. I didn’t win these trips, so no, I am not lucky. We work our asses off. Ok, he works his ass off but I work hard on finding great travel deals and budgeting. I don’t say you’re so lucky you went to the mall and bought some shoes. People do what they want with their money and time. We chose to travel. Sure, my house can use some work, my car is not paid off and I could use some new shoes too. You may like saving, I like going. If something major broke down, we’re pretty much screwed. We should have a ton more money saved but we don’t and I’m not even worried about as long we are doing what we want to do. So, yes, it is fair that I go on trips and you don’t. I’m sure you have a bigger savings than me and I truthfully don’t care. What good is your savings when you’re dead?
Also, these are weekend trips. That’s all I need or can really afford. I am not going on fabulous 7-14 days Caribbean, European or anywhere out of the country vacations. Weekends trips in my homeland are perfectly fine and fabulous for me right now. I still want to travel to New York and San Francisco and then I think I will venture outside of the country. I actually think I could use a staycation and check out the touristy sights in Chicago and Illinois. There’s no reason I need to justify my reasons or spending habits but I feel the need to because everyone always asks me.
Here is a brief view of my travels since last March:

March 2011- Florida

June 2011- Myrtle Beach

Oct 2011- Niagara falls

(Isn't this amazing?!)
January 2012- Kauai

April 2012-San Diego

May 2012-Boston

May 2012-

See, that’s really not that much. Most of them are Thurs to Sunday. The Hawaii vacation was a little longer. So who cares, stop being jealous and just go somewhere, people!

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