Sunday, September 30, 2012

my life lately

I didn't get a chance to write much this summer, mainly because I was too busy doing nothing but I wanted to let you know everything is going smoothly.
Ava started Kindergarten (tear) I can't believe she's that big already. So far things are going great with school and I am happy with the public school system. I am thankful for the teachers and happy they are not on strike like some other schools. Her teacher seems really nice. I mainly communicate with her through notes stating which random stranger is picking up my child because I do not have a set work schedule or steady babysitter.
Another thing we've been busy with is cheer leading. Ava's enjoyed it from the beginning, however, I absolutely hated until recently. Maybe it's because I never made the team as a kid. (Truthfully, Ava probably wouldn't make the team either if there were tryouts at this age.) Or maybe I hated it because they were making my 5 year old do laps and wall sits for scratching her leg, being off a beat, not smiling enough and any other nonsense. Or, maybe it's because practice is 4 days a week for 2 hours and games are sometimes Saturday and Sunday, which equals 6 days of cheer. Are they out of their minds? I'd like to have life too. Then I realized my kids are my life and I'm over it and learned to enjoy cheer and all spirit that comes along with it. "L-I-O-N-S The best!!"
Then there's Kayla... She is in preschool 5 days a week, half days. Same school as last year, which I absolutely love. Since cheer is so damn time consuming that leaves no room for extra circulars for her. She's 4, so really it's not necessary anyway. Oh yes it is, because if you don't start her early she'll suck and have to do laps and wall sits. I found a gymnastics class 1 hour a week for her at the rec center. She loves it. I wish it was longer and more days.
Here's what's new with me... an extra 10 pounds, a gym membership that I never use, and a super clean house until 11:30 when Kayla gets off school. Kayla has definitely been great those few hours. She is so good at entertaining herself and such a joy to be around. Of course, that's not all the time. The other times she is a completely overtired psycho.
Overall, I love my life

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  1. man, lansing cheer is intense!!!!! sami's cheer team is 6-7 years old - at one point sami got tired and just laid down on the field!! other times, the girls sometimes cheer, pick their nose, off beat - typical 1st graders....but no laps or wall sits. god bless their coaches - they are so patient with the girls and gently remind them to work together, which they do in the end. isn't it about the kids having fun???

    but if ava is having fun - that is all the matters :)